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Colored Rectangular Aluminum Tubing , Extruded Aluminum Window Frame
  • Colored Rectangular Aluminum Tubing , Extruded Aluminum Window Frame
  • Colored Rectangular Aluminum Tubing , Extruded Aluminum Window Frame
  • Colored Rectangular Aluminum Tubing , Extruded Aluminum Window Frame

Colored Rectangular Aluminum Tubing , Extruded Aluminum Window Frame

Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Certification ISO9001:2000,ISO14001:2004
Model Number customize
Product Details
Raw Material:
6063 6061 6060 Aluminum Alloy Profile
Window Frame Decoration;antique Chinese Wooden Window Frame
Bundle Packing:
20-30kg Per Bundle
According To Theory Weight Or Actually Weight
Usually Shenzhen Or Guangzhou Port
High Light: 

powder coated aluminum profile


extruded aluminum window frame

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
protective film for each piece, then each bundle in Kraft paper.or according to customer request
Delivery Time
Within 15-25 days after receive deposit and and moulds are passed.
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, T/T, , MoneyGram
Supply Ability
6000 tons per month
Product Description

Colored aluminum tubing , extruded aluminum window frame for aluminum alloy profile





Description Colored aluminum tubing,extruded aluminum window frame for aluminum alloy profile
Material Thickness(t) t=1.0 / 1.2 / 1.4
Material Aluminum Alloy 6063, 6061
Annealing Treatment T5,T6
Color Green, Grey, Black, White, (RAL series)etc.
Surface Treatment

Mill finish, anodized, powder coated, electrophoresis,

sand balsting etc.and depend on customers demand.

Shape Square, Round, Flat, Oval, and according to customer's drawing.
Length Normal length=6 m

Building, Production Line, Decoration, Industrial, Transportation,

Door and window, etc.


1. Pearl cotton foam for each profile;

2. Wrap with shrink film exterior;

3. Packed according to customer request.


Providing colorful products with various mechanical

performances to adapt all kinds of architectural styles


The process control elements are described as follows:


3, table,


Surface adjustment can eliminate surface by alkali degreasing or pickling surface state caused by the inhomogeneity, make aluminum surface formed a large number of very fine crystal center, accelerating phosphating reaction speed, favorable for the formation of phosphating film.


 (1) the influence of the water bath water quality such as contained in the dirty of serious, calcium and magnesium ions content is bigger, can affect the stability of the table tuned liquid, bath preparation can add softener in advance to eliminate the influence of water quality on watch.


(2) use time table regulating commonly USES is colloid titanium salt, colloidal activity, its existence when using for a long time, or the impurity ions contained more colloid activity can be lost, the stability of the colloid state are destroyed, slot liquid precipitation stratification, assumes the flocculent, bath must be replaced at this time.


4, phosphating


Phosphatizing is a process of chemical and electrochemical reaction to form phosphate chemical conversion film, which is formed by a membrane called phosphatizing membrane. The main purpose of phosphating is to provide protection to the aluminum material of the base, and to some extent prevent the corrosion of aluminum. The adhesion and anti-corrosion capability of the coating is improved by the base of the coating. Phosphating is the process before the one of the most important link, its complex reaction mechanism and influence factors, therefore phosphating slot liquid bath for other production process control is much more complex.


(1) the acid ratio (the ratio of total acidity to free acidity)


Improving the acid ratio can accelerate the phosphating reaction rate, making the membrane thin and delicate, but the acid ratio is too high to make the membrane too thin, easily cause the phosphates to hang the ash; The acid is lower than the acid, the phosphating reaction rate is slow, the phosphatic crystal is large and porous, the corrosion resistance is low, and the phosphor is made of the yellow rust. In general, the system or formula for phosphating is different than the size requirement.


(2) temperature


Bath temperature increasing, the film speed, but the temperature is too high, will affect the change of acid ratio, which affect the stability of the bath, and membrane layer of crystal nucleus is bulky, slot liquid slag quantity increase.


(3) the amount of sediment


In the bath with ongoing phosphating reaction, the amount of sediment will gradually increase, excessive amounts of sediment affect the interfacial reaction on the surface of the workpiece, lead to serious, phosphating film hair flower, hang ash even not a film, so bath should be dealt with according to the amount of artifacts and use time timely trough, slag removal in addition to the deposition.


(4) nitrite root NO -2 (promoter concentration)


The "NO -2" can accelerate the phosphating reaction speed, improve the density and corrosion resistance of the phosphatic membrane, and make the membrane layer easily appear white or shine when the content is too high. Too low, the film is slow, and the phosphating membrane is prone to rust.


(5) SO2-4


Pickling solution concentration is too high or water control is easy to lead to increased in the phosphating slot liquid sulfuric acid root ion, high sulfuric acid root ion will slow phosphating reaction speed, the phosphating film grain bulky porous, hang ash is serious, the corrosion resistance of phosphating film.


(6) ferrous ion Fe2 + :


When the concentration of subferrous ions in a phosphate solution is too high, it will reduce the corrosion resistance of the normal temperature phosphating membrane. It will make the medium temperature phosphite granule large, the surface of the surface float white ash, and the anti-corrosion ability is decreased. It will increase the amount of slag, the solution will be cloudy and the acid will rise.

Colored Rectangular Aluminum Tubing , Extruded Aluminum Window Frame 0Colored Rectangular Aluminum Tubing , Extruded Aluminum Window Frame 1


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