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Production Line

Mold Workshop

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Extrusion Workshop

Guangdong  Yonglong Aluminum Co., Ltd.  factory production line 1Guangdong  Yonglong Aluminum Co., Ltd.  factory production line 2



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Oxidation Workshop

Guangdong  Yonglong Aluminum Co., Ltd.  factory production line 5

Guangdong  Yonglong Aluminum Co., Ltd.  factory production line 6

Spraying Workshop

Guangdong  Yonglong Aluminum Co., Ltd.  factory production line 7

Wood Grain Workshop

Guangdong  Yonglong Aluminum Co., Ltd.  factory production line 8

Packing Workshop

Guangdong  Yonglong Aluminum Co., Ltd.  factory production line 9


01 Request Input

The client provides samples or drawings with specifications, Yonglong Yonglong input according to the precise request of customized project.


02 Cost Evaluation

Once the client confirms the purchase, Yonglong will arrange to have a complete analysis and evaluation on the molding cost and production cost, which will be submitted to the client in time.


03 Molds Open

After client confirm the drawings and pay mold cost,Yonglong arrange open molds right away.


04 Test Sample inspection

Once the mold open samples were finished and passed the quality test,Yonglong will send samples to customers for final testing and approval.


05 Quality Output

When the sample was finally approved by the client, Yonglong will work out the quality standards and requirements for the regular order production, which will be put into production engineering system in advance. Meantime, Yonglong will prepare samples and documents for the required certification under the client’s cost.


06 Trial-run Order

Once the samples were approved, Yonglong will confirm an official trial-run order with the client, which will better smooth the order handling, production efficiency and packaging issues before mass production orders.


07 Mass Production

Mass production orders will be released as soon as the first trial-run order were well received with the client’s satisfaction. Yonglong will always deliver the commitment with a completely excellent quality control system and production reliability.


08 Shipment Arrange

After Mass Production,Yonglong will arrange shipment according to the clients's needs,provide considerate service throughout.



Guangdong  Yonglong Aluminum Co., Ltd.  factory production line 0

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