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Industrial Usage U Shaped Aluminum Extrusion , Extruded Aluminum Rectangular Tubing
  • Industrial Usage U Shaped Aluminum Extrusion , Extruded Aluminum Rectangular Tubing
  • Industrial Usage U Shaped Aluminum Extrusion , Extruded Aluminum Rectangular Tubing
  • Industrial Usage U Shaped Aluminum Extrusion , Extruded Aluminum Rectangular Tubing

Industrial Usage U Shaped Aluminum Extrusion , Extruded Aluminum Rectangular Tubing

Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Certification ISO9001:2000,ISO14001:2004
Model Number customize
Product Details
Usually Shenzhen Or Guangzhou Port
Around 13tons For 20GP And 25tons For 40HQ
Bundle Packing:
20-30kg Per Bundle
According To Theory Weight Or Actually Weight
Aluminum Alloy 6063, 6061,
Square,Round,Flat,Oval And According To Customer's Drawing
High Light: 

standard aluminium extrusions


extruded aluminum window frame

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
protective film for each piece, then each bundle in Kraft paper.or according to customer request
Delivery Time
Within 15-25 days after receive deposit and and moulds are passed.
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, T/T, , MoneyGram
Supply Ability
6000 tons per month
Product Description

Aluminum Extrusions square tube with powder coating for industrial usage




Description Aluminum Extrusions square tube with powder coating for industrial usage
Material Thickness(t) t=1.0 / 1.2 / 1.4
Material Aluminum Alloy 6063, 6061
Annealing Treatment T5,T6
Color Green, Grey, Black, White, (RAL series)etc.
Surface Treatment


Mill finish, anodized, powder coated, electrophoresis,

sand balsting etc.and depend on customers demand.


Shape Square, Round, Flat, Oval, and according to customer's drawing.
Length Normal length=6m or in customer's order


Building, Production Line, Decoration, Industrial, Transportation,

Door and window, etc.



1. Pearl cotton foam for each profile,

2. Wrap with shrink film exterior,

3. Packed according to customer request.


Providing colorful products with various mechanical

performances to adapt all kinds of architectural styles



Several problems should be noted in the process of powder spraying


(1) making of fixtures


Fixture on the whole is divided into two kinds, one kind is put in the profile at the ends of the fixture, another type is put in the middle of fixture, the two significant differences in the application. Hang put on both ends of the fixture shall ensure that can absorb the weight of the pressure, because on the feeding way USES a similar series connection, the profiles with self-respect and hanging fixture profiles the influence of the contact area is lesser, keep hanging fixture must be considerable bearing capacity; Middle use fixture should be followed in the process of production and use of a basic principle, that is should try to reduce the outer surface of the fixture and profile (that is, the building decoration) the size of the contact point, contact hindered the powder on the surface of the material, adsorption, form some tiny flaws; The contact point, the greater the defective area is larger, so should try to reduce the contact area of fixture profiles, in other parts of the middle fixture design has a vertical placement of hang lever, adsorption in the process of production of some of the powder, hindered the powder on the absorption profiles at the back, so should be timely to fill in these parts of powder.


(2) the profile fixture


Profile hang put in the position of hanging fixture should also follow the principle of corresponding, including complex surface as far as possible in a horizontal position, level or so both sides is the easiest adsorption powder, and the most complicated side towards the same direction as far as possible, then amount of powder spray gun and out to one side and the pressure of compressed air can be appropriately increased, and the powder jet direction and the grooves in the parallel position, the strength of the powder spraying powder easily adsorption. For some of the deeper sections of the groove. Increasing the amount of powder and the distance between the spray gun and the profile is applicable. The surface area larger or the structure complex should be forbidden to be placed in the lower position, at the same time also want to distinguish the adornment face of the section and the non-decorative surface. In general, consumer demands for material on the surface of the decoration is often higher than the requirements for the decorative surface, and bite part can mask between walls and material defects. For some special profile shape, timely adjust the position of the clamp to keep profiles in linked with the location of the certain Angle, to enhance the stability in the process of operation, easy to dust adsorption. In addition to some of the heavier weight of material in the use of middle fixture, should have certain radian, the elbow part because of weight is bigger, have similar he phenomenon, in the process of running are prone to fall off phenomenon, the radian of the clamp can guarantee the profile in the vertical position, ensure smooth production process. In addition, the conductive beams and hanging tools will accumulate as the circulation increases. Is not conductive coating itself, can affect the conductivity of the conductive beam and hanging fixture, which affect the uniform distribution on the surface of the powder in profile, the conductive beam and hang on the coating should choose the proper way to remove.


(3) the pretreatment process of the pretreatment process is simple


The main is degreasing and the deification, the raw material consumption is low, the daily maintenance work is relatively easy. What we should pay attention to in the pretreatment process. In order to improve the production efficiency, and reduce the energy consumption in the process of drying, the pre-treatment process with larger rack, as much as possible of pending profiles, profiles between the gap and the degree of density is a former first considering the problems in the process. For some quality of a material soft material, should be placed in the middle of the profile location more horizontal denier, and allow the groove part to put down as far as possible, this is beneficial to the evaporation of the water. When baking process has been


(4) the problem that should be noted in the spray room.


The production of the spray house is the critical procedure in the process of spraying, and the key to the surface quality of the spray profile is the control of the process parameters during the spraying process. The quantity of powder and the atomizing air are two key technical indicators, before formal powder spraying, try a few times, then you can observe the quantity of powder on both ends of spray size and uniformity of the distribution of powder. At this time of powder from spray gun end less than 10 cm to 15 cm sections along a straight line running outside, is exist in the form of atomized powder, adsorption on the surface of the material, powder is actually the atomization effect of the powder, whether there is the effect of atomizing powder is as standard to control the distance between the spray gun and profiles. In addition to the process parameters, the necessary small steps should also be noted.


(5) the problems that should be noted in the production of the oven


Powder coating production process, due to the limitation of production line, caused the profile elapsed time to complete the whole baking in the oven process, although the oven on the operating procedure is relatively simple, but more strict on process parameter control, such as the operation of the conveyor belt speed and furnace temperature control, the speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion motor frequency control, temperature control involves the key point lies in the adjustment of the gas pressure, gas supply pressure to stabilize at around 1 kg/cm2, in order to achieve this requirement, generally adopts the pipeline gas, using the compression machine to adjust gas supply pressure, constantly to ensure the normal operation of burner.


(6) powder coating powder pollution caused easily in the production process, so the operators especially for spray operator caused harm to the body, so to strengthen labor protection the job, take the necessary precautions.


(7) powder coating belongs to inflammable, easily damp goods, in the production and safekeeping process, should pay attention to fire prevention, moistureproof.



Industrial Usage U Shaped Aluminum Extrusion , Extruded Aluminum Rectangular Tubing 0Industrial Usage U Shaped Aluminum Extrusion , Extruded Aluminum Rectangular Tubing 1

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