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Polished Extruded Aluminium Profiles For Room Decoration Bathroom Pillar
  • Polished Extruded Aluminium Profiles For Room Decoration Bathroom Pillar
  • Polished Extruded Aluminium Profiles For Room Decoration Bathroom Pillar
  • Polished Extruded Aluminium Profiles For Room Decoration Bathroom Pillar

Polished Extruded Aluminium Profiles For Room Decoration Bathroom Pillar

Place of Origin Gaungdong,China(mainland)
Brand Name HONG YING
Certification ISO9001:2021,ISO14001:2021
Model Number Customized
Product Details
Aluminum Alloy 6063
Customized Shapes
Golden,Shiny Anodized,wire Oxidation,etc
Wardrobe,kitchen,closet,decoration,meeting Room,etc
Around 10tons For 20GP And 25tons For 40HQ
High Light: 

Polished Extruded Aluminium Profiles


Bathroom Pillar Decoration Polished Aluminium Profile


Customized 6063 Extruded Aluminium Profiles

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
protective film for each piece, then each bundle in Kraft paper.or according to customer request
Delivery Time
Within 25-35 days after receive deposit and moulds are passed.
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T, D/A, D/P, , MoneyGram
Supply Ability
6000 tons per month
Product Description


Silver/Golden Polished Aluminium Extrusion For Room Decoration Bathroom Pillar


Method of  Polishing Aluminum:

1. Mechanical Polishing:
The main purpose of this paper is to use polishing wheel coated with polishing wax to process the surface of aluminum alloy shell, which can reduce the roughness of the surface of aluminum alloy shell, make the surface smooth, obtain bright or mirror effect, and effectively repair the scratch and scratch of the surface of aluminum alloy shell.
2. Electropolishing:
Electrolytic polishing is used to immerse the electrolytic bath with chemical reaction as anode and insoluble metal as cathode. The anodized alumina is dissolved by DC, and the alumina disappears from the aluminum profile shell to restore luster.
3. Chemical Polishing:
Chemical polishing can be used as the pretreatment process of protective decorative plating, or as the pretreatment process of chemical film forming such as phosphating hair blue. If the solution of antirust passivation agent is immersed before painting, the aluminum oxide on the surface of the aluminum profile shell can be eliminated.
4. Ultrasonic Polishing:
Ultrasonic polishing is a kind of processing method which uses tool section as ultrasonic vibration and polishing brittle hard material by abrasive suspension. The workpiece is put into the abrasive suspension and put in the ultrasonic field together. Depending on the vibration of ultrasonic, the abrasive can be ground and polished on the surface of the workpiece.
5. Fluid Polishing
Fluid polishing technology needs to rely on the flowing liquid and the abrasive particles carried by it to wash the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of polishing. Hydrodynamic grinding is driven by hydraulic pressure. The medium is mainly made of special compound with good fluidity under low pressure and mixed with abrasive. Silicon carbide powder can be used as abrasive.
6. Magnetic Grinding Polishing
Magnetic grinding polishing is also one of the polishing technologies involved in the processing of aluminum shell. The abrasive brush is formed by magnetic abrasive under the action of magnetic field, and the workpiece is grinded. The method has high efficiency, good quality and easy control of processing conditions. The surface roughness can reach ra0.1 by using the appropriate abrasive μ m.

If there is too deep mark on the surface of the workpiece during polishing, someone will take the pressure to polish and try to throw the trace away. It is unknown that this will hurt the workpiece and cause the dark burn mark on the surface of the part. This phenomenon will be more obvious after chemical polishing, showing the mist like milky white spots, and will remain after anodizing. In order to avoid this phenomenon, in addition to properly reducing the circumference speed of polishing wheel, the polishing process should be prevented by adding polishing paste, reducing the contact pressure between the parts and polishing wheels, and constantly changing the contact parts between the polishing wheel and the parts.


Profile Details:



Rose/Golden Anodized Polished Aluminum Profiles For Decoration Middle East Market

Material Thickness(t) 0.8-1.5 mm
Materiral aluminum alloy 6063
Annealing Treatment T3-T8
Color Silver White ,Golden, Bronze , Champagne, Black, (RAL series)etc.
Surface Treatment anodized, powder coated, electrophoresis, wood grain, polished and etc
Shape Square, Round, Flat, Oval, and according to customer's drawing.
Length Normal length=6m or in customer's order
Usage Building, Production Line, Decoration, Industrial, Transportation, Door and window, etc.

1. Pearl cotton foam for each profile;

2. Wrap with shrink film exterior;

3. Packed according to customer request.


Providing colorful products with various mechanical

performances to adapt all kinds of architectural styles


Different Dluminum Surface Treatments:


1. Passivation
An active metal or alloy in which the chemical activity decreases greatly and becomes the appearance of precious metal state, which is called passivation. Passivation treatment is a method to make the metal surface not easy to be oxidized, which can delay the corrosion rate of metal.
2. Anodizing
Anodizing is a process of plating an oxide film on the surface of some metals or other metals or alloys by using the principle of electrolysis. It has the effect of protecting the metal surface from oxidation and enhancing corrosion. Brush plating is used for local plating or correction. Barrel plating is used for small parts, such as fasteners, washers, pins, etc. After electroplating, aluminum profiles can obtain decoration protection and various functional outer layers on mechanical finished products, and can also correct worn and processed workpieces. The plating solution includes acidic, alkaline and acidic and neutral solutions with chromium agent. No matter what plating method is selected, it should be universal to a certain extent with the finished products to be plated and the plating bath and hanging tools touched by the plating solution.
3. Spraying
Spraying is used for external protection and decoration of equipment, which is usually carried out on the basis of oxidation. The aluminum profiles of aluminum alloy doors and windows should be pretreated before coating to make the coating firmly connected with the workpiece. There are usually three methods: (1) phosphating (phosphate method); (2) Chromization (chromium free); (3) Chemical oxidation.
4. Sandblasting
The primary effect of sand blasting is surface finishing. Before coating (painting or plastic spraying), sand blasting can add surface roughness and make a certain contribution to the progress of adhesion, but the contribution is limited, which is not as good as chemical coating pretreatment.
5. Chemical oxidation
The oxide film is thin, about 0.5 ~ 4 microns thick, porous, soft and has excellent adsorption. It can be used as the bottom layer of organic coating, but its wear resistance and corrosion resistance are not as good as anodized film treatment.


Application Case:


aluminum kitchen cabinet


Mechanical Polishing:


Electropolishing is commonly used in the decorative processing of steel, aluminum, copper and other parts, or copper nickel and other coatings,


Electropolishing can be used to replace heavy mechanical polishing, especially for its complicated shape and difficult to add by mechanical method


But electropolishing can not remove the non-metallic inclusions in the gold, nor can it remove or mask the metal


Surface defects such as scratches and deep pockmarks on the surface. In multiphase alloys, when one phase is not easy to dissolve in the anode, it will shadow


The quality of electropolishing. Chemical polishing is the chemical etching of metal parts under specific conditions. After this etching


During the process, the metal surface is etched and leveled by solution to obtain a brighter surface


Chemical polishing can be used in the manufacture of instruments, aluminum mirrors, and other parts and coatings


Compared with electropolishing, the advantages of chemical polishing are: no external power supply is needed, and the shape can be processed more easily


Polished Extruded Aluminium Profiles For Room Decoration Bathroom Pillar 1

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