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Silver / Bronze Aluminum Extrusion Profiles For Building Heat Insulation
  • Silver / Bronze Aluminum Extrusion Profiles For Building Heat Insulation
  • Silver / Bronze Aluminum Extrusion Profiles For Building Heat Insulation

Silver / Bronze Aluminum Extrusion Profiles For Building Heat Insulation

Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Certification ISO9001:2000,ISO14001:2004
Model Number customize
Product Details
Heat Sink Extrusion Aluminum Profile For Led,computer,etc
Aluminum Alloy 6063,6063A,6060,6061
Company History:
Since 1997
Aluminum Billet Heating Furnace Aluminum Alloy Heat Treatment Furnace
Surface Treatment:
Natural Oxidation
Usually Shenzhen Or Guangzhou Port
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aluminium furniture profiles


aluminium sliding door frame

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
protective film for each piece, then each bundle in Kraft paper.or according to customer request
Delivery Time
Within 15-25 days after receive deposit and and moulds are passed.
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, T/T, , MoneyGram
Supply Ability
6000 tons per month
Product Description

Heat Insulation , Cooling Function , Building Profile , Silver , Bronze


      The principle is to make use of plastic sections (1250 times heat insulation than aluminum profiles) to separate and connect two layers of aluminum alloy inside and outside the room into a whole to form a new type of heat insulated aluminum profile, which is used to make doors and windows. The heat insulation and plastic (steel) windows are in the same grade national standard, which completely solves the conduction of aluminum alloy. The fatal problem of fast heat dissipation and not conforming to the requirements of energy saving is solved, and some new forms of structure coordination have been adopted to solve the difficult problem of "tight seal of aluminum alloy push and pull window". The product is made of aluminum and is made of plastic profile cavity in the middle. This innovative structural design takes into account the advantages of two materials, namely plastic and aluminum alloy, and meets various requirements of decorative effect, door and window strength and aging resistance. The super heat insulation aluminum alloy profiles can realize the three seal structure of doors and windows, separate the water vapor cavity reasonably, achieve the isostatic balance of gas and water, and improve the watertightness and airtightness of the doors and windows. The air tightness of this window is better than any aluminum and plastic window. It can ensure the dust without dust in the windowsill and floor of the area with large wind sand. It can ensure that the residents within 50 meters of the expressway are not disturbed by the noise, and their performance is close to the window.



    The principle of the heat insulation broken bridge aluminum alloy is to penetrate the heat insulation strip in t he middle of the aluminum profile, and break the aluminum profile to form a broken bridge, thus effectively preventing the heat conduction. The thermal conductivity of insulated aluminum alloy doors and windows is 40 to 70% less than that of non heat insulated aluminum alloy doors and windows.

    There are two main ways of producing heat insulation sections. One is to use insulation material and aluminum profiles to form a "heat insulation bridge" through mechanical opening, wearing and rolling. The other is to pour heat insulation material into the heat insulation cavity of the aluminum alloy section and remove the broken bridge metal after curing. And other processes to form "insulated bridge", known as "cast" heat insulation profiles. The inside and outside sides of the thermal insulation profiles can be profiles with different sections, or different color profiles with different surface treatments. However, due to the geographical and climatic effects, the gap between thermal insulation materials and the linear expansion coefficient of aluminum profiles is very large. In the heat expansion and contraction, there is greater stress and gap between the two. At the same time, the heat insulation material and the aluminum profile are combined into one. In the windows and curtain wall structure, the same is the same as the aluminum material. Therefore, the insulation material must also have the tensile strength, bending strength, expansion coefficient and modulus of elasticity that are close to the aluminum alloy profiles, otherwise the heat insulation bridge will be broken and destroyed. Therefore, the selection of heat insulation materials is very important.


Description Aging Resistance , Wood Grain Aluminium Profiles , Resist Fading , Excellent Strength
Material Aluminum Alloy 6063, 6061
Material Thickness(t) t=1.0 / 1.2 / 1.4
Annealing Treatment T5,T6
Surface Treatment Wooden, marble, etc. and depend on customer’s demand.
Color Green, Grey, Black, White, (RAL series)etc.
Length Normal length=6m or in customer's order
Shape Square, Round, Flat, Oval, and according to customer's drawing.


Building, Production Line, Decoration, Industrial, Transportation,Door and window, etc.

Advantages/Features Providing colorful products with various mechanical performances to adapt all kinds of architectural styles

1. Pearl cotton foam for each aluminum profile ;
2. Wrap with shrink film exterior;

3. Packed according to customer request.




1. Good heat preservation: PA66 nylon in broken bridge aluminum has low thermal conductivity.

2.sound insulation is good: the structure is carefully designed, the joints are tight, and the test results are 30 db, which is in accordance with relevant factors.

3. Impact resistance: because the outer surface of broken bridge aluminum alloy is aluminum alloy, it is more resistant to impact than plastic steel window profile.

4. Good air tightness: there are many sealant strips at each slot of the broken bridge aluminum window, which has good tightness.

5,. Water tightness is good: doors and windows are designed with rainproof structure and completely isolated from the rain.

6. Good fire resistance: aluminum alloy is metal material, and it does not burn.

7.Good anti-theft: broken bridge type aluminum alloy windows, equipped with fine hardware accessories and advanced decorative locks, make thieves helpless.

8. Maintenance free: broken bridge type aluminum alloy window section is not susceptible to acid and alkali erosion, will not turn yellow, fade, almost no need to maintain.

Silver / Bronze Aluminum Extrusion Profiles For Building Heat Insulation 0

Please tell us the information below, and we will give the best suggestion to you!

1. Where you intend to use the aluminium profiles?
2. If you have the estrusion drawing, send us and we develop the correspondence mold.
3. Which color you want or tell us the architectural style you like.
4. Purchase quantity. It will convenient us to give you the best price.

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