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YONGLONG - Focus on High-end Quality Aluminum Alloy Profile Surface Treatment! Porcelain Technology !

China Guangdong  Yonglong Aluminum Co., Ltd.  certification
China Guangdong  Yonglong Aluminum Co., Ltd.  certification
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We purchase 20GP container for test,have white powder coated color and silver anodized color,very good quality ,ready to purchase more

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YONGLONG - Focus on High-end Quality Aluminum Alloy Profile Surface Treatment! Porcelain Technology !

June 7, 2022
Latest company case about YONGLONG - Focus on High-end Quality Aluminum Alloy Profile Surface Treatment! Porcelain Technology !

YONGLONG - Focus on High-end Quality Aluminum Alloy Profile Surface Treatment



ABS Engineering Plastic Material


ABS engineering plastics must be well known to everyone. It is called plastic alloy in the chemical industry. It has strong comprehensive properties, especially thermoplastic polymer materials with excellent heat resistance, impact performance, high strength, good toughness and easy processing. The reason why the shell of notebook computer adopts high-quality ABS engineering plastic is precisely because of its good impact resistance, wear resistance, dyeability and other characteristics - impact resistance determines that it can better protect the internal hardware of notebook to a certain extent, and ensure the stability of the body after forming. Dyeability brings customized notebook exterior to a certain extent.



ABS engineering plastic material, which has become the most common notebook shell material, is largely due to its acceptable characteristics and low production cost. Champion Silver White Porcelain is easy to process and has a good overall effect.




Aluminum Magnesium Alloy

A considerable part of our common metal fuselage is made of aluminum magnesium alloy. Its main element is aluminum, and a small amount of magnesium or other metal materials are added to strengthen the hardness. Because of its good corrosion resistance, it is also called rust proof aluminum alloy. Thanks to its characteristics as a metal, its good thermal conductivity and protective strength are particularly outstanding.



As a notebook shell, aluminum magnesium alloy is easy to reflect and shine. With the support of CNC cutting process, metal drawing process and other processing processes, it is also easier to develop a more beautiful body - which is difficult to compare with engineering plastics and carbon fiber. Champion Fluorine Wujin, with its strong plasticity, high strength, light weight and good heat dissipation, is deeply loved by many users.




Carbon Fibre

Finally, carbon fiber is the product of polyacrylonitrile, viscose fiber and other raw materials, which are pre oxidized in high-temperature air, then carbonized at high temperature under the protection of inert gas, and finally heated. It not only has the characteristics of carbon material, but also has the softness and machinability of textile fiber - it also has ultra light weight and amazing strength and toughness.



It has more elegant and solid characteristics than aluminum magnesium alloy. In addition, compared with the other two mainstream materials, the Bright Sword Steel Gray Jade has excellent heat dissipation effect, toughness, reliability and portability. As a notebook shell, it is almost the best choice at present.

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