Silver Sandblasting Anodized Aluminum Profiles 6063 T5 Alloy

Silver Sandblasting Anodized Aluminum Profiles 6063 T5 Alloy

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HY
Certification: ISO14001, ISO45001,ISO9001
Model Number: YL-16761 series

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 5 tons
Price: 2800-3600
Packaging Details: Customized
Delivery Time: 25days
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Detail Information

Alloy Or Not: Is Alloy Grade: 6000 Series,Aluminum Alloy,6063-T5,Aluminum Profiles
Shape: Customized Temper: T3-T8
Color: Customize Material: 6063 Aluminum Alloy
Surface: Anodizing,anodized Silver,powder Coated Etc,Black Anodized Thickness: 0.8mm~2.0mm
High Light:

Silver Sandblasting Anodized Aluminum Profiles


6063 Anodized Aluminum Profiles


T5 Anodized Aluminum Profiles

Product Description

Silver Sandblasting Anodized Aluminum Profiles 6063 T5 Alloy

South America Area Suitable Silver Sandblasting Anodized Aluminum Extrusion Profiles 6063 T5 Alloy

South America Area Suitable Silver Sandblasting Anodized Aluminum Extrusion Profiles 6063 T5 Alloy

Product Name South America Area Suitable Silver Sandblasting Anodized Aluminum Extrusion Profiles 6063 T5 Alloy
Implements Standard GB5237.4-2008
Grade 6000 Series
Thickness 0.8-2.0mm
Temper T3-T8
Color silver,black,champagne,cyan,bronze,etc
Surface Treatment matt anodized,smooth anodized,sand blasing,anodized,electrophoresis,etc
Length 6m or base on demand

1.Protective film for each profile;

2.Wrap with shrinking bag,pearl cotton or carton;

3.Packing according to customer request;

Load Around 15tons For 20GP And 25tons For 40HQ


Introduction of Extrusion:


1: Extrusion principle of aluminum profile
Extrusion is a kind of plastic processing method that applies external force to the metal blank placed in the container (extrusion cylinder) to make it flow out of the specific die hole to obtain the required cross-section shape and size.
2: Structure of aluminum extrusion press
The extruder is composed of base, front column frame, tension column, extrusion cylinder and hydraulic system under electrical control. It is also equipped with die base, thimble, scale plate, sliding plate, etc.
3: Classification of aluminum extrusion methods
According to the type of metal in the extrusion cylinder, stress-strain state, extrusion direction, lubrication state, extrusion temperature, extrusion speed, type or structure of tool and die, shape or number of blank, shape or number of products, it can be divided into forward extrusion method, reverse extrusion method (including plane deformation extrusion, axisymmetric deformation extrusion, general three-dimensional deformation extrusion) and lateral extrusion method, Glass lubrication extrusion, hydrostatic extrusion, continuous extrusion and so on.
4: Forward hot deformation aluminum extrusion
The vast majority of hot deformation aluminum production enterprises adopt the forward hot deformation extrusion method to obtain the aluminum with the required cross-section shape through specific dies (flat die, cone die, split die). This is the only aluminum production method adopted by jinhaochun aluminum so far!
The forward extrusion process is simple, the equipment requirements are not high, the metal deformation ability is high, the production range is wide, the aluminum performance is controllable, the production flexibility is large, and the tooling is easy to maintain and correct.



Aluminum Profile Porcelain Swimming Introduction:


Porcelain swimming uses pure nickel salt, which is an environmental protection single salt process, while other similar products are produced by tin salt coloring process (the background color shows cyan),

The coloring power supply used in porcelain swimming pool is imported power supply, while most other similar products use domestic power supply. Ceramic swimming process has strict requirements on production equipment and raw materials, and the products produced by imported power supply show a higher degree of delicacy.

The thickness of ceramic swimming film reaches 10-12 μ m, and the alkali resistance test is more than 300 hours. The weather resistance of porcelain swimming makes it can be used in extremely harsh environment



Ceramic texture

High hardness, good wear resistance and long service life.

It has strong weather resistance, can resist the high humidity and high salinity environment of coastal cities, and resist the change of temperature difference in four seasons.

The surface extinction treatment, the surface is soft, reduces the indoor light pollution.

Surface self-cleaning function. Dust and stains on the surface can be removed by gently wiping.


South America Area Suitable Silver Sandblasting Anodized Aluminum Extrusion Profiles 6063 T5 Alloy

South America Area Suitable Silver Sandblasting Anodized Aluminum Extrusion Profiles 6063 T5 AlloySouth America Area Suitable Silver Sandblasting Anodized Aluminum Extrusion Profiles 6063 T5 Alloy

South America Area Suitable Silver Sandblasting Anodized Aluminum Extrusion Profiles 6063 T5 Alloy


Corporate Introduction:

Guangdong Yong long Aluminum Co., Ltd. is located in the No. 10 (Sanjiang market) of Leping Town, Sanshui District, Foshan. The company was founded in 1997. It is a comprehensive and large-scale aluminum profile enterprise integrating the research and development, production and sales of aluminum alloy profiles. The company is leading the "Hong Ying" brand. Strong comprehensive strength and excellent service make Yong long "Hong Ying" sell well all over the country and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, South America and many other countries.


Our company has 900 employees, including 120 high and intermediate engineering technology and management personnel, with advanced and perfect design, production, testing and testing methods as well as perfect sales network and after-sales service system. The products sell well in more than 10 national and foreign ports, Australia and Taiwan areas.


Corporate Advantages:

1.20 years' experience and advanced equipment

2.Customize: We can manufacture according to your size and shape of such aluminum profile;

3.Strong production capacity - 28 extrusion lines, 50,000TONS/Year

4.One Stop Service Specialized in mould, extrusion, anodizing, powder coating, wood grain and Processing;

5.Shortest Delivery , competitive prices and excellent service


Corporate Certification:

After years of development, the company passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, the international standard product certification. Yonglong Aluminum has won the "Guangdong Province Famous Brand", "Guangdong Province Famous Brand", "ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification", "OHSMS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification", "Adopting International Standard Products" Is "," China's quality products "and other certificates. Companies adhere to the scientific concept of development, by strengthening the comprehensive management and increase innovation, and continuously enhance the energy-saving emission reduction enterprises to accelerate into the environment-friendly modern enterprise list.


Corporate Culture:

The company insisted: "unity and progress, pioneering and innovative, high quality of this, service to win" business purposes, the new full cooperation with customers, Gongtuo career, create a better future.


When you work with us, you can expect top-quality resources and parts, excellent customer service, and to be treated like family. We’re invested in this industry and our clients. When you work with us, you can tell the difference!


We welcome customers from all around the world!


South America Area Suitable Silver Sandblasting Anodized Aluminum Extrusion Profiles 6063 T5 Alloy




Silver Sandblasting Anodized Aluminum Profiles 6063 T5 Alloy 6



Silver Sandblasting Anodized Aluminum Profiles 6063 T5 Alloy 7


South America Area Suitable Silver Sandblasting Anodized Aluminum Extrusion Profiles 6063 T5 Alloy


· Had 28 production lines;

· Used high-tech aluminum extrusion machines to produce;

· Offer mold design and aluminum alloy profile design;

· Accept OEM order;

· Independent semi-finished goods warehouse and finished aluminum alloy profiles warehouse.

South America Area Suitable Silver Sandblasting Anodized Aluminum Extrusion Profiles 6063 T5 Alloy


Surface Treatment:

Silver Sandblasting Anodized Aluminum Profiles 6063 T5 Alloy 10

South America Area Suitable Silver Sandblasting Anodized Aluminum Extrusion Profiles 6063 T5 Alloy


South America Area Suitable Silver Sandblasting Anodized Aluminum Extrusion Profiles 6063 T5 Alloy

1.Sandblasting is one of the surface treatment of aluminum profile

Sandblasting is to use compressed air as the power to form a high-speed jet beam, spraying the abrasive (steel sand, brown corundum, glass beads, emery, etc.) to the surface of the workpiece to be processed at high speed.

Due to the impact and cutting action of sand, the workpiece surface has a certain degree of cleanliness and different roughness.


2.Benefits of sandblasting aluminum

The mechanical properties of the aluminum profile surface were improved after sandblasting. It improves the fatigue resistance of aluminum profile, increases the adhesion between it and the coating, prolongs the durability of the coating, and also beneficial to the flow of paint and decoration.


3. Excellent performance of products


high transparency and full measure, with special gloss and transparency, the coating has a high stereo effect, and the color of the substrate is obvious.
the high hardness, when the temperature of 180 ℃ baking 30 min, hardness can be up to 4 to 5 h.
good level of flow, strong paint film, and smooth film.
with strong binding force and penetration, the coating is all-pervasive, and the wet film and dry film have a strong binding force.
the performance is good, resistance to discoloration and corrosion when the baking temperature of 180 ℃ ~ 200 ℃ workpiece does not change color, lasting bright color products, corrosion effect is perfect.
the average of the electrophoresis is good, the paint film is evenly flat, and can reach 10-16 um in 90-200v, high efficiency, and low power consumption.
good impact resistance and artificial sweat resistance.
it can be used for the surface protection of aluminum, metal electroplating, precious metal accessories, lamps and high-end furniture.
it can be electrophoresis with various color slurry: titanium gold, general grey, real black and other colors. due to the superior screening rate of the matte electrophoresis coating, the extrusion mold pattern on the surface of the aluminum material has a certain degree of masking effect.And for the color difference of the dying process, it has a certain degree of compensation effect.


4. The principle and application of paint extinction


With electrophoresis coating technology development, in the coating industry in China, also become the world’s top coating production, forming a related industry group, and actively promote the technological revolution and development of traditional painting domain. During this period, the bright and bright gloss paints are popular with consumers with their bright colors and bright colors, and in a long time, the coating market. However, as people’s living standard has been improved, on the one hand, consumers have felt that the high gloss coating is more serious than the reflection, which is harmful to people’s eyes. On the other hand, the aesthetic concept of consumers is more and more casual, fashionable and personalized. Coupled with the booming demand of China’s electronics and appliance industries. These factors led to a sharp increase in demand for low-gloss coatings with a soft appearance. At the same time, it is necessary to consider how to produce paint with matte performance.


5. Determination of gloss and luster


The light that is projected onto the surface of the object will reflect the light, and the surface of the object will be reflected in the light. Different surfaces have different gloss, measuring the size of the surface of the light reflected by the light, called glossiness. The gloss is expressed as a percentage, the higher glossiness of the surface, the greater the ability to reflect light and the higher the brightness. The size of the gloss is measured by the photoelectric gloss meter. According to the size of the gloss, the coating can be divided into light, sublight and weak light. Classification of gloss of coatings (with 60 reflections) :

Weak light: gloss less than 10%;
Sublight: gloss 10 ~ 60%;
Light: glossiness > 60%.



6. Roughness of the coating surface


The surface gloss of the object is closely related to the roughness of the surface. When the light is on the surface of the object, some of it will be absorbed by the object, some will reflect and scatter, and some will refraction. The smaller the surface roughness, the more light reflected, the higher the glossiness. Conversely, if the surface of the object is uneven, the scattered light increases, resulting in a decrease in the gloss. The surface roughness (h) of a polished object can be perceived by human vision, and the theoretical knowledge of micro surface can be calculated according to the formula: h=λ/cos a, in which λ is the wavelength of incident light; a is the incident Angle. Such as incident Angle when taking 60 °, it calculates the h = 1.1 μm, when the surface roughness of his greater than 1.1 μ m, it will show uneven, glossiness is reduced.


Please tell us the information below, and we will give the best suggestion to you !


1. Where you intend to use the aluminium profiles?

2. If you have the estrusion drawing, send us and we develop the correspondence mold.

3. Which color you want or tell us the architectural style you like.

4. Purchase quantity. It will convenient us to give you the best price.

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